For many high school seniors and their families, the personal essay is the most daunting aspect of the college application process. The essay can be as challenging for a student who loves to write as it is for someone who lacks confidence in his writing. Some students feel overwhelmed because they don’t know where to start; they are desperate to say everything they can about themselves but worry because they have limited space in which to say it. Others are anxious because they feel they have nothing interesting to say, or even more paralyzing, they fear that what they want to say is cliché. Finally, there are students who need encouragement and direction in order to develop an initially strong idea. I have extensive experience working with young writers and know how to help them move past the obstacles that make writing the college essay particularly difficult.

Working with a tutor also makes the overall application process less stressful. Meeting draft deadlines and accountability to a tutor prevent busy seniors from falling into the trap of procrastination. As they respond to feedback and work through multiple drafts, students are reassured that they are moving forward with their essay and are free to focus on other aspects of the application process.

Although my services specifically target the college essay, the work I do with students gives them tools and skills that are applicable to any kind of writing. I constantly emphasize that writing is a process, and students who embrace this idea will be much stronger writers in college and beyond.