Maggie, it is glorious. I love it. It really shows who Beck is as a human being. Refreshing. Thank you so much.

— Parent, Poly Prep Country Day School

Maggie, I am thrilled beyond words with how well and productively you worked with Rebecca. She has not shown me the essay yet, but she will now and I know she is proud of it and felt the whole experience was great for her. Her college advisor loves it as well. I will recommend you to everyone I ever speak to!

— Parent, Berkeley Carroll School/Kenyon College

Maggie was incredibly helpful and direct. Having entered into our tutoring feeling entirely unsure about what direction to take my writing, I found Maggie’s writing exercises and her feedback on previous pieces of my writing particularly helpful. She quickly helped me uncover a story that I felt passionate exploring. I liked that she was always very communicative about what she thought worked in my writing and what did not, and her directness and the clarity of her feedback never felt imposing. She was very flexible and easy to work with. I really appreciated her continued commitment to having our work together, and whatever feedback she gave, preserve my voice. In the end, I felt very happy with the essay, and it was incredibly reassuring to enter into the rest of the process knowing I had already created, with Maggie’s help, such a strong piece for my applications.

— Chiara,  Wesleyan Univeristy

“I will say to anyone who will listen that my daughter’s success in getting into colleges was in large part due to an amazing essay that started out as a story about being an insomniac. It took [Maggie’s]  incredibly patient and encouraging flair to get S engaged in coming up with a new topic that was true to who she is and told in her own voice!  Maggie can count on me as a reference for life!”

— Theo, Parent, Cambridge Rindge & Latin School, Cambridge, MA/Pitzer  College

“Working with Maggie on writing my college essay was totally key to my success. She was honest with me about the flaws in my writing and skilled at leading me in a better direction. She never told me what I should be writing but rather opened my mind to more creative and positive ways to express myself. She always highlighted the good aspects so that I did not lose confidence and give up.”

— Lizzie, Packer Collegiate, Brooklyn, NY/Tufts University

“Before Maggie worked with me, I had a hard time expressing myself clearly in writing.  She is an ideal tutor because she doesn’t force her students to conform to any idea of what writing personal essays should be.  Instead, she listened to my raw, disjointed thoughts, then helped me organize them articulately and genuniely.”

— Hana, The Chapin School, New York, NY/Harvard University

“I am sure at some point you wanted to just say, ‘Step aside, kid. I know you and what you want/ought to say and can get this done in 15 minutes,’ but you didn’t.  Your approach is painstaking, and you really do everything in your power to push the kid to write.  You reviewed almost all of the 35 drafts for [my daughter], and she is no doubt a better writer today and ended up with an essay that really painted an honest picture.”

–Parent, Putney School, Putney, VT/University of Pennsylvania

“Maggie, you were monumentally helpful. I hadn’t a clue how to guide [my son], and you did. I also want to add that I found your guidance in harmony with some of what I had told him, but coming from ‘mom,’ it’s easy to discount. You were a valuable contributor to the success of his essay.”

— Parent, UNIS, New York, NY/Northwestern University

“Working with Maggie was wonderful. Not only did she help me create an essay which was grammatically flawless, but she also showed me how to reflect my true personality through my writing. I live in Massachusetts, and I never met with Maggie face to face. The majority of our conversations were via email, but she made all her corrections very clear which made it easy for me to make the necessary adjustments to my essay. Whenever I had a question or problem, Maggie always responded within twelve hours, but usually she got back to me within ten minutes. I couldn’t have asked for a better editor to my college essay, and without Maggie’s help, my paper wouldn’t be anywhere near as good as it is today.”

— Victoria, Weston High School, Weston, CT/University of Richmond

“Maggie’s expert advice on my writing made the college essay experience so much less daunting for me. From working with Maggie, I went from my convoluted first draft to a clear, sequential, creative final essay. With her honest advice, I was able to maintain the integrity of my story while still having fun with writing. Her tireless commitment to my success in the college process helped me produce college essays and supplements that I was very proud and pleased to send off to colleges.”

— Marcel, Packer Collegiate, Brooklyn, NY/University of Pennsylvania

“Maggie was so helpful in the college admissions process. Not only was she extremely prompt with her edits, she continued to work with me as I constantly thought of new ideas.  The college application was really my first experience writing about myself, and Maggie made sure I did it right.”

— Lucas, Inglemoor HS, Kenmore, WA/Georgetown University

“I went into the process with Maggie not having a clue what I was going to write about and came out with a finished product that expressed my individuality in an intelligent way. Never meeting Maggie in person wasn’t a problem at all.  I still received the personal attention that made me feel comfortable in myself and my writing. Having deadlines to meet made the whole process of essay writing manageable and so much less stressful!”

— Kate, Catalina Foothills High School, Tucson, AZ/University of Arizona

“As an international student, the American college essay was completely foreign to me, and something I really dreaded. Maggie helped me brainstorm, encouraged me to free-write, and helped me consolidate my ideas. Over a period of three months, she helped me edit an essay that reflected who I am and my style of writing. With the help of comments, corrections and ideas, Maggie allowed me to pull together an essay that I was proud of; her advice and support guided me the entire way. We would correspond via e-mail and Skype, and Maggie always returned my drafts within a couple of hours. She made the process painless, and I had a lot of fun working with her. Looking back on my first drafts, my final essay improved in leaps and bounds! Thank you, Maggie!”

— Camilla, Cheltenham Ladies’ College, England/Georgetown University

“Thank you for your help on such a tight timeline. I have read the essay, and I too think it is greatly improved. While the two of you never met, your method of delivering comments was very helpful and clearly understood by [my son].”

— Parent, Briarcliff High School, Briarcliff Manor, NY

“Thanks so very much!  My husband and I loved [our daughter’s] essay from the start, but the suggestions you made and questions you posed were so helpful to her in getting it tightened up and clarifying what she hoped to convey.”

— Parent, Brooks School, Andover, MA/American University

“My daughter feels that that she sounds like herself when she works with you and that you are the only person who has let her particular writing style come through. I really like that throughout this process, it’s her voice on those pages.”

–Parent, Poly Prep, Brooklyn, NY/Kenyon College

“Anyone in the process of writing an essay for college should not pass up the wonderful opportunity to work with Maggie.  She was a true blessing to us and our daughter.  I originally thought I could guide our daughter and help her edit as needed but quickly realized that it’s very different with “mom” involved.  Although Maggie will tell you that there are no guarantees, ultimately our daughter was accepted into her first choice college. Although we never met Maggie in person, it felt like she was working side by side with our daughter throughout the process.  She made herself available whenever needed and accommodated our deadlines. This experience was one of the greatest joys of the college process as we were able to witness our daughter grow and produce an essay in her own voice.  We will be using Maggie’s services again next year for my son.”

— Parent, Mount Saint Mary Academy, Watchung, NJ/Marist College

“Maggie is unique in the way that she helps. She is not overbearing, and she makes sure that the student’s voice stays true to his or her character. She suggests corrections and never rewrites. Working with her, therefore, helped me learn how to clearly say what I want to say.”

— Maryam, Sutherland High School, Pittsford, NY/Barnard College